To carry out any carpentry work, it is essential to understand what space we are going to work in and what materials we are going to need. In this article we will help you choose the best wood to make boats, according to your needs.

Specifically, it is recommended to use wood that is flexible and resistant. It is also important to take into account lightness, stability or durability. The choice of one type of wood or another will depend, in general, on the area of ​​the boat that we are going to build.

Wood for all types of boats

The wood Paulownia is very light and highly resistant to bending. Therefore, it is ideal for small boats. If we are looking for a wood with a medium resistance to bending and little permeability, it will be better to bet on African mahogany.

However, Teca continues to be the best option for the manufacture of all types of boats, due to its stability, flexibility and great resistance to impacts. In addition, it is a wood that dries easily, is highly waterproof and durable, which adapts well to other materials such as iron.

Despite being less known, Takien wood has similar properties to Teak, so it can be a good alternative for boat building. The same happens with woods like Iroko, which has given very good results, or Doussié, which has somewhat lower performance than Teak but is also of great quality.

For the manufacture of necks, however, it will be better to use woods such as red spruce.

Finally, it is worth noting the use of marine plywood, which is easily handled and has now become the preferred option for many carpenters.

Wwood maintenance

Choosing the best wood to make boats is just as important as its subsequent treatment. In this sense, we must use a synthetic varnish that protects the wood from the sun's ultraviolet rays. It is important to carry out adequate maintenance to avoid the deterioration of each of the parts of our boat.