About us

Cartusol S. L. was created in 1986 to dedicate to repair works, both in ships of the Merchant Navy and for the Spanish Navy.


Actualmente nuestra plantilla la integran 10 personas perfectamente cualificadas para el puesto de trabajo a realizar en ella y se aumenta puntualmente según la necesidad de producción, habiendo llegado a contar con una plantilla de 22 hombres.

In the company several guilds can be distinguished such as; welders, pipers, boilermakers, carpenters. We can contract the necessary specialized personnel in each contracting of works if necessary, since our extensive experience in the naval sector makes us aware of high-level professionals in different fields. We also have qualified personnel prepared to carry out small fiberglass repairs and hull waterworks.

Another field in which we have extensive experience is upholstery, both for chairs, armchairs, sofas and other suitable furniture, as well as bulkheads and carpeted floors.


Since 1986

Its founding partners created Cartusol in 1986 thanks to their experience as operators of A.E.S.A., different contractors at that time and Navalco.

They were at the service of the Bazán company at its factory in San Fernando, in A.E.S.A. in the factories of Cádiz and Puerto Real and in the Arsenal de la Carraca, during the years 1976 to 1985.

In this way, they carried out all kinds of repairs on Merchant Ships and the Spanish Navy.

In 2007 the company underwent a generational change, its founders passing the baton to their children, this change coinciding with the best economic period in its history, reaching the highest billing peaks in the history of CARTUSOL, S.L.

Three perfectly equipped industrial warehouses

Welding, boilermaking and piping

In the first warehouse we have different specialized machinery for welding, boilermaking and pipe work, such as shears, folding machines, vertical drills, pipe benders, cut-off machines, pipe threaders, grinding and metal brush units, radials, drills, etc.

White joinery, riveting and varnish

Nuestra segunda nave está habilitada para la ejecución de obras de carpintería de blanco, rivera y barniz, con la siguiente maquinaria: una escuadradora, un saca grueso, una universal, una sierra de cinta, grupo compresor, una sala de barnizado, lijadoras de diferentes tipos, etc.

Stock materials

The third warehouse is used for the storage of materials, with several different sections, and a closed room where the soils are stored. The works carried out for later delivery are also stored in this warehouse, avoiding deterioration.

Technical means

In addition to our 3 warehouses of 170 m2 each, and specialized machinery, we have 2 vans, a small truck and a Peugeot Partner to transport material and personnel to the places where the works will be carried out.

On the other hand, we have an office equipped with the necessary means for the proper functioning of the company. In addition, we have the support of a legal and labor consultancy of recognized prestige in the area (A&B advisers).

Cartusol S.L.


Calle Dorada 35B Pol. Ind. Tres Caminos
11510, Puerto Real (Cádiz)


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