With more than 30 years of experience, Cartusol has carried out a large number of projects, both nationally and internationally. Discover some of the most important works in our history.


School ship Capitán Miranda from Uruguay navy

Carrying out the replacement of the ukola wood of the three decks of the ship, caulked and varnished, habitability of the dining room and orlop of seamen's chamber and quarters of non-commissioned officers, operating room and sick room, etc.

As the most representative works we can highlight those carried out in white carpentry, pipes for different services in the engine room, fresh and sanitary water service in sollados and toilets, as well as assembly of special floors, such as saypolam, alveolar rubber and buttoned etc.

All these works on said ship were carried out at the E.N. BAZAN of C.N.M. S.A. at its Factory in San Fernando (Cádiz).

Vessel Princesa from Sweedish merchant navy

Montaje de todas las puertas hidráulicas corta-fuegos con reformas de mamparos. Obras realizadas en A.E.S.A. factoría de Cádiz.

School ship Juan Sebastián Elcano from Spanish navy

Carrying out repair of wooden decks, tops, and mast anchoring wedges, repair of gunwale covers, railing, pipes in the engine room, hatch travel and watertight doors with replacement of friezes and wedges, remodeling of roofs of GG.MM chamber, camera and corridors. restoration of furniture and moldings of the ship's ornament, etc.

Hydrographic Vessels of the Spanish Navy

Among them we can highlight the works carried out in the following: Malaspina, Tofiño, Pollux, Castor.

We carry out the remodeling of the cabin furniture, ceilings and corridors with wooden linings with varnished beads, upholstery of sofas, armchairs and chairs, wooden deck, pipes in the engine room, toilets, special flooring, etc.

Likewise, we fine-tuned the habitability and other elements of the hydrographic boats with fiberglass repair, supports for elements on the deck, among others.

These repairs were carried out at the facilities of the company E.N. BAZAN DE C.N.M., S.A. in its factories in San Fernando and Cádiz, returning to repair these ships again in the same places but working for the company IZAR DE CONSTRUCCIONES NAVALES. S.A. which was later renamed NEW IZAR S.L. to currently end up being called NAVANTIA S.A. Sometimes these repairs have been carried out at the Arsenal de la Carraca facilities.

Restoration of the Dock Gate 3

This restoration required six months of hard work, which spanned from the beginning of January to the end of June. All the work was done manually and with the absence of machines due to the exaggerated dimensions of the beams to be restored.

Two iroko wood beams, measuring 8,500 x 600 x 500 mm, were used to the locking of the door, hand-crafting the concave and convex recessed half-round. Twenty iroko wood beams, measuring 5,500 x 600 x 490 mm, were also used to reinforce the support beams for the staves, and 58 iroko wood beams, measuring 7,600 x 300 x 110 mm for the door staves.

Likewise, 13 iroko wood beams, measuring 7,600 x 300 x 140 mm, were used for the placement of water entry gates and 10 iroko wood beams, measuring 5,500 x 700 x 60 mm for the high closure of the door and the passage of people.

Thirty-six cast iron candlesticks were made and replaced, just like the old ones, and all the door staves were caulked with tarpaulin and polyfix closure.

Finally, we carry out the lining of the part in contact with the water, with copper plate, closing hinges, as well as other small details.

Costa Brava Dredging Vessel

Replacement of the 550 mm diameter sludge and sand suction circuit pipe with its bulkheads and supports.

Smyril ferry launch bed

Preparation of the launch bed for the launching of the ship preparing the santos, made up of wooden riding stables for the support of the ship at the moment of sliding through the eels, previously prepared, on which a layer of bait was added for the sliding ship perfect. Work carried out for the department of new constructions of Izar de C.N.S.A in its San Fernando Factory.


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